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The Sacred Name Movement

Today, the Sacred Name Movement appears to be severely suffering. Comparable to a tree whose leaves have blown in the wind, the Sacred Name Movement has suffered as a result of its disintegration of some of its groups. For those who do not know, the Sacred Name Movement (SNM) is a movement within Christianity which by definition seeks to change Christianity to a purer worship, by using the Sacred Names Yahweh and Yahshua. However, beyond this outline appears a far different definition.

The aim(s) of the SNM
Firstly, it is important to examine the aims of the Sacred Name Movement and how this effects the movement in limitations, successes and failures. The idea of the SNM, to conform Christianity to a purer worship, is not new. Most faiths, from Catholicism to Jehovah Witnesses, all claim that theirs’ is the pure faith. To take Jehovah Witnesses as one example; they claim that Jehovah is the restored true name of the Almighty and therefore that they are the true faith. When confronted with the Name Yahweh which is held by Hebrew scholars, linguistics and grammarians to be the Name of the Almighty, the Jehovah Witnesses published an article on their website saying that though Yahweh is the more accurate pronunciation, they would still use Jehovah because it is more familiar and widely used.

This is just one of myriad examples that prove that many faiths are paying lip service to the pure faith doctrine. Surely, purity is truth and anything that does not conform to truth is not pure. So, it is understood by Christian leaders that the true name of the Almighty is best pronounced in the Name Yahweh, but the SNM has still been brushed aside and the Name Yahweh is still very infrequently used among Christians. Many Christians are unaware that Yahweh is even the Name of the Almighty, and we have the early English translators to thank for this. To make matters worse, the Catholic Church who produced the Jerusalem Bible (which uses the Name in the Old Testament) the same year as the Assemblies of Yahweh came in to existence (1966), claimed on August 2008 that the Name Yahweh should no longer be pronounced in the Church because they wanted to respect the tradition of the Jews in not pronouncing the divine name.

Some have labelled this highly hypocritical and suspect, since Catholics produce song books, articles and Bibles with the printed Yahweh in their content. It is obvious that the Name Yahweh is the authentic Name. Therefore, the Sacred Name Movement should surely be making a more profound impact on Christianity if people understand that their message is true shouldn’t it? The problem lies in its organisation. The SNM is not what it may seem on the surface – a unified, body of believers who are united through using the Name with the same spirit and doctrines. Actually, they are quite the reverse.

Sacred Name(s) Movement
Let’s begin with the fact that they are called the Sacred Name Movement, which is not an appropriate title. The existing groups in the movement are directed by leaders that are illiterate in Hebrew. This has led to the use of different names by its adherents to address Yahweh i.e. Yahovah, Yahveh, Yveh and other nonsensical words. To make it worse, the SNM are not unified in how to address the Messiah (Jesus), some say Yahshua, others Yeshua and Yahoshua. One wonders why the SNM shouldn’t simply be called the Sacred Names Movement (plural). To top it all off, there is no leader of the Movement. How could there be? It is far too divided. But we have only just skimmed the surface on why the SNM is failing in bringing new people within its groups.

The second reason for the SNM failure is that the groups which make up the SNM seem to be making little impact on any media and are considered to be low-ranking groups. That is, low ranking in reputation and low ranking in desirability, needless to say, these groups seem to occasionally squabble among themselves on who is the greatest, similar to the argument that took place at the Passovers Supper. All the disciples sitting down at one table, bickering, like children. The Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel PA) which is reputed for its clean determination to keep the Biblical Law, are not even part of the SNM. This it seems has set the fate of the demise of the SNM in stone. One is compelled to ask why the Assemblies of Yahweh who exclusively use the Sacred Names Yahweh and Yahshua, that is unified, structured with a clear government doctrine and that keeps all the moral Biblical Laws, has chosen to reject being part of the SNM. The answer lies in the SNM’s history.

SNM instructed
When the Assemblies of Yahweh was chartered in 1969, Elder Jacob O. Meyer, the governor of the Assemblies of Yahweh, wrote a Statement of Doctrine describing the Sacred Name Movement as a “widespread disorganisation”. He then went on to outline the doctrines that would unify the movement and it was hoped that they would scrutinize these doctrines and come in unity with the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel PA) . Instead, the SNM shot themselves in the foot by spurning this and since, the Assemblies of Yahweh rejected them and distanced themselves from them. It seems that ever since, the SNM has had to reap the consequences of this action by what may become an exponential decrease in their membership.

Although several books and SNM leaders like to say that the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa) is the largest group within the SNM, the Assemblies of Yahweh isn’t even part of the SNM and defiantly states that they are a separate and distinct organisation, which is true. The Assemblies of Yahweh tell others to do the same from the scriptures as it says:
"Come out of her my people"
which the Assemblies of Yahweh believe refers to a adulterated Christianity.

What can the SNM do?
The SNM should have already reached out to the groups that use the Name of Yahweh. They are about 12 Assemblies that use the Name Yahweh which are not part of the SNM, such as the ‘Congregation of Yahweh’. But since the Sacred Name Movement has not accomplished this, they should now concentrate on the more pressing matters. The first one being this; the SNM needs to submit to one group with a unified, structured faith and an unspoiled reputation such as the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa) and accept their doctrines and their leader as their own. Those who wish to adhere to their own doctrines for whatever reasons may stay in the SNM and try to unify it, but I believe to their own downfall. The SNM does not have a good reputation and it’s groups have already been accused of copyright infringement and using the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa ) material, pretending as if it is their own. This is a sad case, because the SNM could have been so much more of a positive force if they had kept unity and produced their own material.

It wouldn’t be right to raise a family, a child, or yourself for that matter, in a movement which is so unstable; which is why they are campaigners and writers like me, who are trying to prevent the preventable. In conclusion: The Sacred Name Movement should either adopt the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa) teachings and stick to them or else merge with the Assemblies of Yahweh to create a true Movement, a Movement which unlike the current nebulous Sacred Name Movement, will be Moving in the right direction - ‘on to the Kingdom of Yahweh’*.

*Significance: This expression is used by Elder Jacob O. Meyer to conclude a Holy Day.
  • The Sacred Name Movement has no site which is a another reason for their downfall. {Please be aware of sites such as which are written by Christians who dislike the use of the Name.}
  • For information about the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa) which is not part of the SNM, go to A review of their faith can be found at Bible Groups Pickings reviews - a branch of fruit ministries. {Please beware of groups such as the "Assembly of Yahweh", or the Assemblies of Yahweh Cisco, or Assemblies of Yahweh Ministries, which are entirely different groups and in no way related to the "AOY (Bethel Pa)". please click here }

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